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Turks & Caicos Islands
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Brooke Rivers Represents Turks and Caicos at St Andrews

Brooke successfully made the cut in St. Andrews playing beautiful golf and has completed the event with a strong final round 74 that saw her make the turn at one under par as she headed for the tournament home holes.
Check the LINK below for the results to observe her strong finish in 43rd spot overall in the gross score event and also 4th position in the North America & Caribbean category. In fact Brooke not only finished 43rd in the predominately “male” field, but only 9 Junior Lady Golfers finished ahead of her in the standings. A great result for a 13 year old from the T & C, and as her Mom Tammy said, “She showed those boys how to play”. We of course know that, and also that, “Brooke sure made the T & C proud”! 
This event had both boys and girls competing against each other so you will find Brooke’s results under three different leader boards (The Junior Championship, The JC Net. & The North American + Caribbean leader board).  https://www.randa.org/Championships/TheJuniorOpenChampionship/Leaderboard#/competition/1365188/leaderboard/1465435
Great News for The Canadian Woman’s Amateur Championship next week in Vancouver, British Columbia as Brooke has just found out that she has been invited to play in what will be the strongest international field yet for Brooke. The Canadian Woman’s Amateur Field each year attracts the best of the best, worldwide. Brooke will fly back in a few days and then join the event that begins July 24th with the first competitive round.
Good luck out west Brooke from all your friends at PGC and in the T & C.