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TCI Corporate Charity Challenge

2nd Annual “Corporate Charity Challenge” - a fabulous success!

On Sunday 6th December Provo Golf Club hosted the 2nd Annual “Corporate Charity Challenge”. Building on the momentum from the massively successful inaugural event in 2014, the Corporate Charity Challenge has developed into a full-blown movement to enhance the Tourism Industry in the Turks and Caicos Islands. The main goal of the weekend was to raise money to further support the Culinary Arts Program at the T&C Community College which trains young students for future careers in the food and beverage industry.
Two other local charities were also set to benefit from the weekend’s golf. When Casablanca Casino came on board as the headline sponsors this year, they pledged a significant sum for the Under 10 Dolphin Football Team. And it has become a tradition that 10% of the money raised goes to the charity of the Champion team’s choice.
CCC cocktail PartyThe festivities began on Friday 4th December with a glittering Opening Cocktail Party at Fairways Bar & Grill. Samuel Forbes, the Principal of the T&C Community College described how last year’s fundraising has made such an impact on their Culinary Arts Program and he wished everyone a fun and successful competition. Benneth Williams, representing the Under 10 Dolphin Football Team, thanked everyone for their involvement and explained how the funds raised would make such a difference to the sporting lives of his young team.
A glorious Sunday morning saw 18 teams (72 players) come together to compete to be the champion golf team of the TCI Exterior GolfclubBusiness Community in 2015. The format for the event was a 4 person net scramble with some surprising (and frankly bonkers) rules. Holes 4, 9 and 13 had two cups and you could play to whichever hole you felt would improve your score then replace the flag in either cup. Once on the 5th green, your first putt could be a “free kick” with one golfer as the designated kicker. On the 18th hole, one golfer could be the designated thrower with a chance to throw the ball on to the green once the drive had been selected. Once on the green there was a free putt for one golfer as long as he wore the Jacket. By this stage the elders of the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews were probably revolving in their graves - but the Provo golfers were having a ball!
The 15th hole was more of an obstacle course than a golf course. The players had to fly their tee shot over an enormous JCB back hoe which had been inadvertently parked by the Course Superintendent,Tim Mack, in front of the green.
Closest to pinAt the end of 18 holes there was a three-way tie for the lead. The resulting play-off saw each member of the Carlisle Supplies, HAB and Waterloo teams competing in a nearest the pin shoot out from the Ladies tee on the 10th hole to the flag on the 18th green. Not a single ball stayed on the green but Pierre Magnier’s ball was deemed closest to the hole and Carlisle Supplies were declared the outright winners.
In a Masters-style presentation ceremony, the magnificent Champions’ Jackets were handed over by last year’s winners to this year’s champions: Pierre Magnier, Carol Brown, Graham Shaw and Paul Murray.  In second place was the Waterloo team (Cristian Rebolledo, Ingo Reckhorn, Justin Simpson and Fraser Dods) and in third place was the HAB team (Paul Slattery, Craig James, Dave Gillett and Tim Mack). Each team received as their trophy a beautiful ceramic plate made by Brenda Ludington of Paradise Arts and very quaffable prizes which were donated by “The Wine Cellar”.
CCC Winners
The “Most Honest” team prize was awarded to the Casablanca Casino team for coming in last although Tina Boroff did win the prize for longest putt on #10. Many other individual prizes, kindly donated by local businesses, were also awarded for Closest to the Pin, Longest Drive and Longest Putt on several holes.

Just when you thought all the fund-raising was done, Dave Douglas announced the highlight of the evening’s entertainment - himself! Apparently, during the cocktail party on Friday, Dave had said, “ Give me enough money for charity and I’ll let you shave my head.” Several generous individuals immediately each pledged $1000, then Gilley, grinning from ear to ear, passed a hat around Baldie Davethe room and more donations came flooding in.  Craig brought a chair to the centre of the floor, placed a towel around Dave’s shoulders and produced the hair clippers. Dessa Douglas, giggling all the way, ploughed the first shaven track through her dad’s hair. People were jostling each other, begging to be given a share of the shaving action. By the time the golfing barbers were done and Baldy Dave took the microphone to thank all the sponsors and players, an incredible $8,700 had been collected just to witness the hairdressing session. 

This was a weekend of Provo philanthropy at its finest - fun golf and camaraderie with a dash of quirkiness and a huge dollop of community spirit. A total of $25,000 was raised for the Culinary Arts Program at the T&C Community College, $7000 for the Under 10 Dolphin Football Team and $3000 for the Champions’ Choice cause, Provo Children’s Home.
A HUGE thank you to all the sponsors and players, the lovely ladies and young man from the Community College who served the food and wine so graciously, to Dave and his team at Provo Golf Club, Ron Larkin and his team at Fairways - this was a splendid weekend!
We very much look forward to the 3rd Annual Corporate Charity Challenge in 2016 - see you there!
Lesley Stevenson
Tournament Committee Members:
Gilley Williams, Paul Slattery, Craig James, Sean Wilson
Headline Sponsor :  Casablanca Casino
Prize & Silent Auction Prizes
Ports of Call Resort
Beaches Resort
The Wine Cellar
Pavilion at The Somerset
ASU on the Beach
Le Boutique @ Club Med
Casablanca Casino
Pelican Bay Restaurant & Bar
Kitchen 218
Fire & Ice
Garam Masala
The Vix
Bruno Art Gallery

2014 Annual Corporate Charity Challenge

Congratulations and well done, it is so rewarding to get results from the power of an idea followed by a little energy, some execution, and a pinch of direction along the way.
The 1st Annual Corporate Charity Challenge, held back in October 2014 was developed with the intention to encourage as many Corporate Businesses as possible to raise funds for the Turks and Caicos Community College and their Culinary Arts Program in order to give this great cause the tools necessary to train young students for future careers in the food and beverage industry.
The Corporate Charity Challenge saw excellent first year support with 13 teams participating in a fun fundraiser, which raised $22,500 for the Culinary Arts program at the College. The ensuing aftermath lead to the challenge of how to best invest the funds in the Culinary Arts classroom at the College in order to transform that school area as the first step towards the long term goal of promoting education and careers within the Culinary Arts to our TCI youth.
This has resulted in the installation of the “Peaceful Place Culinary Department” and the “Ve Nook Restaurant and Tasting Deck” with a large proportion of the effort and credit attributed to Amanyara’s team and vision in carrying the project over the finish line.
The work is not quite complete for this exciting project and therefore the Tournament Committee is invititing companies to participate in the 2nd Annual Corporate Charity Challenge, on Sunday December 6th at Provo Golf Club, which will further the implementation and co-ordination of the Culinary Arts Community College Program.

Culinary Arts Program

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